Pass/Fail Standards

Model Year: 2006
Test Weight: 4250 (lbs.)
Cylinders: 08
VLTRowID: * 33696
Body Type: Sedan
Engine Size: 4.3 (liters)
Model: SC 430
Transmission: Automatic
Fuel Type: Gasoline
ASM 5015 Standards***
Hydrocarbon (ppm) Carbon Monoxide (%) Nitric Oxide (ppm)
Fail 47 0.46 400
Gross Polluter 265 1.96 1890
ASM 2525 Standards***
Hydrocarbon (ppm) Carbon Monoxide (%) Nitric Oxide (ppm)
Fail 31 0.43 687
Gross Polluter 215 1.93 1690

* The Vehicle Lookup Table (VLT) Row ID number displayed may be different from the VLT row ID number shown on a Vehicle Inspection Report that was printed from software used prior to the BAR-97 2010 software update.

*** Pass/Fail Standards - Emission standards used to determine if a vehicle passes the emission inspection. A vehicle passes if the emission levels are equal to or less than the standards for HC, CO, and NO for ASM 5015 and ASM 2525.

While this application provides emissions standards that are intended to be identical to those used during inspection, the emissions standards applied by the Emissions Inspection System take precedence over those produced by this application.

Gross Polluter Standards - Emission standards used to designate a vehicle as a gross polluter. A vehicle is designated as a gross polluter if the emissions levels at the time of the initial inspection, before repairs are greater than the gross polluter standards for HC, CO, or NO for ASM 5015 or ASM 2525.

Note: If test data on emission pass/fail rates or gross polluter identification rates indicate adjustments are required, the emission standards may be increased or decreased by the bureau by 30% or by the following tolerances, or standards may be set for any specific vehicle and engine configuration which the bureau determines has excessive errors of commission or omission, whichever is necessary to comply with Section 44001.5 of the Health and Safety Code. HC = 150ppm, CO = 1.50%, NO = 350ppm

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