BAR Equipment Certification Process

Equipment used to perform Smog Checks in California must be certified by BAR before it can be used. The following information provides guidance on the certification process for BAR-97 equipment. Click here to learn about the certification requirements for the BAR-OIS Data Acquisition Device (DAD).

Step 1: Does our equipment need to be certified by BAR?

Equipment for Emission Inspection Systems used to perform Smog Checks in California must be certified by BAR before it can be sold to Smog Check stations for use. This includes Analyzers, Dynamometers and "consumable" parts. Click here for a list of parts that must be certified by BAR.

If you plan to sell any of these types of equipment or parts, you will need to have them certified by BAR.

Step 2: What are the requirements for certification?

Specific requirements for certification of equipment are included in Section 5 of the BAR-97 Emission Inspection System Specifications. This section covers requirements for:

  • EIS analyzers and dynamometers
  • Devices, such as zero air generators, which can be used in conjunction with an EIS without requiring software or hardware integration with the EIS
  • "Aftermarket" parts for Emission Inspection Systems produced by EIS manufacturers, such as probes, sample hoses, filters, bar code scanners, cables and tachometer leads.

WARNING! Some equipment must be "pre-tested" by the manufacturer BEFORE it can be submitted to BAR for certification. If pre-testing is required, the results must be included as part of the application package (appropriate forms are included in Step 3). The EIS Specifications will tell you if the equipment you are submitting must be pre-tested

Section 6 of the BAR-97 EIS Specifications contains specific requirement for "aftermarket" parts, such as probes, sample hoses, filters, bar code scanners, cables and tachometer leads sold by suppliers that do not manufacture Emission Inspection Systems.

If you have questions about specific requirements, you can call the BAR Engineering Department at (916) 403-0315.

Step 3: How do we get our equipment certified?

BAR will need information about your company and the equipment you wish to certify. You will need to prepare a submittal package that consists of several forms. After you submit the package to BAR, along with the correct application fees, BAR will schedule a certification test with you.

To apply for certification of your equipment:

1. Prepare the proper submittal package. You can download the submittal package forms and instructions here:

WARNING! Be sure to sign and date all forms prior to submitting them!

    2. Include the appropriate application fees with your submittal package application fees are:

    • Smog Check analyzer certification: $5,000
    • Smog Check dynamometer certification: $5,000
    • Aftermarket part certification fees for certification of aftermarket parts depend on the parts to be certified. A complete list is included in Part 6 of the BAR-97 EIS Specification, which can be downloaded here.
    3. Mail your completed submittal package, and the appropriate fees, to:

    BAR Engineering Branch
    Attn: Joe Pedrosa
    10949 North Mather Boulevard
    Rancho Cordova, CA 95670

    Step 4: What happens next?

    After your submittal packet is received by BAR, the information you provided will be reviewed. If your submittal package is accepted, BAR will contact you within 60 days to schedule testing. Because testing priorities vary, the testing process may be completed in several weeks, or it may take several months. If there are any problems or deficiencies, BAR may require re-testing, which could result in additional fees.

    WARNING! Your equipment or products can not be sold or used in California to perform Smog Check inspections until BAR issues a formal approval after all testing is completed.